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Into Giants - Patrick Watson

Saw Patrick Watson play the seaport last night and I believe he successfully enchanted every last stray person who just happened to be wandering around the piers then. I feel disheartened slightly that his live performance totally outshone the recorded works (in the best way, it was that great of a show!), but none the less you should see him if you get the chance and listen to the records. If Jeff Buckley had a younger Canadian brother with a folky orchestral outfit to back him, well it sounds just like that. 

It was just gorgeous. There is something about the sky slowly darkening out there and some band I always somehow really want to see (in previous times: Veronica Falls, Asobi Seksu, Radio Dept., Raveonettes..) transforming the pier if only for an hour away from from it’s touristy garishness and towards something bordering the sublime. It’s just, well, it’s this city and more specifically, it’s summer in this city. I feel almost drunk on my own enthusiasm for it. 

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