the child grows enormous but never grows up
Soil & Toil


When a farmer approaches a piece of ground, he has to take it as it is, not as he wishes it to be. It’s the same for you and me in our life and creative endeavors.

The land has to be worked. The only thing you’ll grow with no effort are weeds and wild things. And you might get a few berries every now and then, but it won’t be consistent and you’re more likely to end up with ragweed.

If you don’t like what the soil is producing, you have till and fertilize. You have flatten hills and remove stones. You have to scare crows.

However, you have to know where you are. You can work as hard as you like at growing pineapples and bananas in Idaho: it’s not going to happen. So, it’s not all work, but it won’t happen with out it.

Approach it as it is. Work. Plant. Harvest.