the child grows enormous but never grows up
Everyone on the Internet secretly hates themselves, at least while they’re on the Internet.
Maura (via philk)
On the question of what we can do to stop sincerity, I’ve always tried to practice what I would call Radical Not Giving a Shit or “The New Whatever.”

What can we do to stop sincerity? - Branch (via rachelfershleiser)

i wish i knew what sincerity meant


is this paranoia or naivety?


Arguing on the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics, even if you lose you’re still a human being with feelings and something to contribute to the world.




This is amazing.

what just happened

is this the endgame to the Windows95Tips guy?


We’re all on the losing side of this. It’s her world, not ours. She’s ridiculous, but because she anticipates the coming idiocy; we are ridiculous because we are the clinging, wailing, bemoaning past, formal and pedantic and right. This is a war for the zeitgeist, and Langer and Nostrich are our avatars. Godspeed, fellas.





Can Muslims Breastfeed? Do Lesbians Autism or Is It Choice? Is Facebook Making Us Feel More Non-Monogamy? The New Face of the Old Part That’s the Same (And Why That’s a Good Thing). Do Vaccines Prevent Female Children in Private Schools From ‘Having It All’? CAN THINGS BE DO NOUNS … WORRY FACE IS GOOD BAD?? WHY I HURT [stock photo anger moms].

Mallory Ortberg in Tomorrow Magazine (via nickdouglas)

the crew compartment’s breaking up

In the beginning, God created the heaven and earth. Then He created man in His likeness, and He gave him dominion over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. Then He created a listicle of the 17 All-Time Creepiest Creeping Things That Creepeth Upon the Earth, and He saw that it was good, although maybe not as good as the garden He was supposed to be making when He got distracted by that BuzzFeed story about Peaches Geldof dropping a baby.

Tess Lynch, “Terminally Chill.” This piece is very good; I think Tess anticipates how we will all come to feel. (via millsinabout)

how should we feel?

should i feel bad for feeling the way i currently feel?

William Gass on tumblr, the Internet “community”, et al.


Our world resembles the night sky, since all those stars we see shining together, and which seem to exist in the same plane as though painted on a plate, actually bring us their light from different times — a few are thousands of light-years away, some are nearer, perhaps half a century off — and when we, often awestruck, gaze at them, we see this mottled past, and if we are wise we try to correct for and understand the differences; not always easy, since the spangle of the skies does resemble in its simultaneity and dazzling presence, Las Vegas’ seductive signs. But the stars (or the light we admire in the stars’ stead) do not constitute a community. The stars do not constitute a heavenly society. The stars stand in a vast chill of indifference and send out for no reason their wholly lonely and utterly meaningless beams.

-William H. Gass, A Temple of Texts

[a study of light]

Much as many would like to believe that the medium determines the message, a modern politician is never unmediated. Not in a pie shop in Pennsylvania, not at a basketball game, not while having dinner, not on the phone with NASA, not on TV, not doing a Reddit AMA. Reddit is not a mic accidentally left on during a private moment. The kind of intimacy and honesty that Redditors crave does not scale up to national politics, where no one ever lets down his or her guard. Instead of using the stiffness and formality of the MSM to drive his message home, Obama simply used the looseness and casual banter of Reddit to drive his message home. Here more than in almost anything else: Tech is not the answer to the problems of modern politics.

This is not to rain on Reddit’s parade or to deny the slickness of the Obama campaign’s surprise appearance. Nice job everyone, take a bow. But we’ll know Reddit has really arrived as a political community when he uses a visit to announce a policy change they’ve been promoting, perhaps around marijuana policy or civil liberties broadly construed. Until then, it’s all kissing babies and shaking hands, only with more LOLs.


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